January Thaw – It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over

The seemingly annual January thaw in Vermont is always a highly talked about subject.  It means different things to different people and you’ll find their opinions very vocal.  It’s a crushing blow to skiers and riders as Mother Nature seems to hit the reset button on the ski season.  All the precious powder getting erased overnight.  To the residents who can’t stand winter, despite living in Vermont, it gives a false sense of relief that they made it.  Their hopes are crushed every year about two weeks later.  As a photographer the dramatic weather shift provides opportunities to find unique visual interest in typical winter scenes. IMG_7144

Up at the Putney School the fog was especially dense around the barnyard.  In these paddocks out back the fence lines and horses at various distances lent themselves well to the use of a longer lens.Horses at the Putney School

I’ll let the climatically inclined folks fully explain this one, but with the warm temperatures and cold snow on the ground, the fog really takes hold.  Down on the Connecticut river where there was previously a solid surface of ice, things were breaking up as the fog settled in.

IMG_7148-EditThe January thaw causes streams and rivers to swell up and previously frozen waterfalls unfreeze to show a torrent of frigid water.  I’ve probably driven by this waterfall thousands of times but it wasn’t until I got out of my car in the right light that I noticed this old water valve.  I’m not sure why there was a valve installed here but it added an interesting foreground element to the picture.

what exactly does alternative text do?


Whether the January thaw is loved or scorned by you, just take a moment to see things as they are, because winter will be back again, it always is.


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